Introducing “The Sing-Off” Season 5 Competitors

Despite being pretty disappointed that Season 5 of The Sing-Off is a single, 2-hour special, we are super excited for the groups that made it in!

For those of you who don’t know, The Sing-Off is a reality show competition for a cappella singing groups. Probably its most famous winners to-date are Pentatonix from Season 3 in 2011, but last year’s Season 4 winners Home Free seem to be holding their own with their a cappella and country fans. Whatever gets a cappella out to the masses, it’s all good to us.

With the format change comes a change in the judging line-up (Twitter links included).  Shawn Stockman and Jewel return, but our favorite, nerdtastic  Ben Folds, will be replaced with Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump.

As always, we are happy to share our compilation of group information and contacts so you can get to know the groups in advance.

The Sing-Off Season 5 Competitors

If you don’t want to individually follow all the Twitter accounts, you can just subscribe to our AcaSingOff Season 5 Twitter list that does it for you.

Please keep in mind that errors in this post are entirely our own doing, and we are more than happy to make corrections, changes, or additions if you notify us!

And with that, here we go (in alphabetical order)….

A cappella + electronic music? We’re totally in! This will be new for strictly Sing-Off fans, so keep an open mind for looping and effects, still all made with only the human voice.

Members: Nimal Eames-Scott, Paul Homes (Bass), Jacob Reske, DJ Stanfill, Jackson Thea
Twitter: @thisisAsquared

Watch them do their stuff live here:

Seems like there is always one group on The Sing-Off with alums from a previous season, and this one is it.  You’ll recognize Jamal and Aaron from the University of Rochester Yellowjackets (Season 3) and Richard from Urban Method (Season 3), plus Chris worked as a TSO vocal producer, and Fredo recorded studio tracks for TSO theme music.

Members: Alfredo AustinChristopher Diaz (Bass), Jamal Moore, Aaron Sperber, Richard Steighner (VP)
Twitter: @exchangevocal

The Exchange have a couple of albums, bunches of  videos, and they tour extensively, often overseas, with a very loyal following. Here is the video for their original song “Kerosene,” which really shows off their individual personalities.

3. MELODORES (Vanderbilt University)
All-male, collegiate a cappella – it wasn’t a matter of if, but who. And this year we’re not disappointed because we already stalk follow the Melodores.

Members:  Jonathan Amaro-Barron, Hollis Cuffie, Cameron David, Austin Lyons, Jamal Marcelin, James McHugh, Dan McNeil, Ted Moock, Augie Phillips, Nikhil Ramaprasad, Justin Riele, William Woodard 

And here are the Melodores with “Talk Dirty” (opb Jason Derulo):

In case it wasn’t obvious, these folks hail from the great San Francisco (“The City,” as they say).

Members: Cherilyn Acorda, Danny Cavero, Del Lazaro (Bass), Jaron Liclican, Kevin Redrico, Jess Walsh
Twitter: @sf6official

Newly posted vocal trailer right here:

We are personally just meeting the women of Timothy’s Gift, but what a meaningful mission they have – bringing #HOPE to prisons.

Members:  Brianne Angarole, Emily Angarole, Melissa Greene (Hope Curator and Leader of TG), Abby Lane Hinton, Anna Register, Lauren Wedertz
Twitter: @timothysgift

For a video that explains the Timothy’s Gift Hope Tour, click here.

Having seen these ladies perform live prior to the taping of this special, we say WHOA the LADYBASS. Full sound with a delicious gospel  vibe, this is good stuff.

Members:  Keesha Gumbs, Tamika Gumbs, Gbianka Kotee, Selame Scarlett, Cindy Valerus
Twitter: @traces5

Just go ahead and go straight to download their single “Mas Que Nada” on iTunes or Loudr right now. Here they are singing it live at Sing Strong Chicago 2013 (h/t our own Tara Marie Ahn for the video):

And there you have it. This season’s six competing groups.

Now that you’ve met the players, who will YOU be cheering for this season? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter or our Facebook page.

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs on Wednesday, December 17 on NBC.




One thought on “Introducing “The Sing-Off” Season 5 Competitors

  1. **My favorite thing is to see my favorites Home Free & PTX’s ‘behind the scenes’ vids, espec. mentoring new grps or aca-students (along w/other aca-grps, too)…
    Looove vids: home free at camp acappella (cruise) & PTX “Daft Punk” at A Cappella Academy…So inspiring for the students!..Also fun to see: all diff. aca-grps col-labs/attending each other’s concerts/promoting each other’s new vids/projects, like PTX’s Street Team (fan grp), who feature lots of new aca-grp vids! ..
    Kristin/PTX & Jeremy/AcoUstikats went to a HF’s con-cert, said Tim’s bass blew them away!..Austin/HF went to a PTX concert, said they killed it!..Tim/HF visits ma- ny grps, espec. other basses, like Adam/SCS, Wes/ Acappella, Geoff/Voiceplay & Chris/The Exchange, etc. (He just tweeted Chris that he had a cool voice)!…
    It was awesome to see PTX & Ben Bram receive their Grammy for Best Arrangement for ‘Daft Punk’!!..They deserved it!..Austin (w/Tom Anderson), was CARA nominated for Best Arrangement for ’19 You + Me’, too.
    Many of these grps have been aware of or known each other for a long time…Deke & Ben knew many of the grps, incl. mixed old/new grps..One big happy Aca-fa- mily, growing rapidly in mainstream, about time!!..
    The Filharmonic & Ptx were awesome in ‘Pitch Perfect’ 2!.. Hope they do a ‘country’ themed ‘PP3′ w/Home Free! That would be a great new fresh movie idea for them, (per fans’ comments on HF’s awesome vid: ‘Summer In The Country’)!…
    Now I can’t wait to see how awesome Home Free’s
    Grand Ole Opry’s debut will be July 17th and Europe, Australia, etc. 2016 & beyond!! Great things ahead for
    the ACA-WORLD..I hope the find some way to bring
    The Sing Off back!!!! 🙂 🙂

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