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OREO Wonderfilled A Cappella Goodness

Happy 100th Birthday, OREO! 

We acafans are pretty happy about the Wonderfilled song featuring Owl City and the a cappella campaign that included some of our favorite groups around the country.  For those of you fans who missed it, we’ve compiled some videos for you.

Here’s the original animated version:

Here’s the big campaign (NYC version):

As if that weren’t cute enough, here are three of our fave aca-artists with their own renditions.

Blue Jupiter


Peter Hollens

Did any of you experience or sing in an OREO Wonderfilled acabomb during the campaign in mid-May? Tell us about it, or share your own video links in the comments! -CM


Videos from Our New Twitter Followers

Well, we launched our Twitter account late Thursday, and we’re up to 45 followers. Thanks, everyone!  We’re happy to say that some of those followers are a cappella groups, so we’d like to thank them by posting some of their videos here for you.


One Voice (Briarcrest Christian School, Memphis, TN)
Freebird (opb Lynyrd Skynyrd, arr. by Nick Girard)

Town Criers (Weston High School, Weston, MA)
I’ve Got a Woman/Gold Digger (opb Ray Charles/Kanye West)

But seriously, go find their Disney Medley, too.


No Strings Attached (University of Alabama)

No YouTube videos yet, but click on the link above to go to their Facebook page for teaser videos.

Eight Beat Measure (RIT)
Scream (opb Usher)

Click to purchase

Royal Pitches (University at Buffalo)
Wannabe (opb Spice Girls)

Sedoctaves (University of Florida)
Someone Like You (opb Adele)

Overflow (USC)

See if you recognize the soloist in this one (hint: she’s one of our editors).


Cut Off
Boondocks (opb Little Big Town)

Cowboy Casanova (opb Carrie Underwood)

Be sure to listen to and support these groups.  Let us know if you have any favorites in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by!

Michael Buble and Naturally 7 in the NYC Subway

Yesterday, this video was posted to Michael Buble’s YouTube channel.  In it, Michael sings “Who’s Loving You” from his new album To Be Loved, backed by the a cappella fabulousness that is Naturally 7.  Naturally 7 has been a regular opening act for Michael on multiple tours.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!