Meet “The Sing-Off” Season 5’s SanFran6!

Hey, AcaFans! There are still more groups competing in The Sing-Off to get to know, so here is one who is brand new on the a cappella scene!
L to R: Del Lazaro, Kevin Redrico, Cherilyn Acorda, Jess Walsh, Jaron Liclican, Danny Cavero
Allow us to introduce… SanFran6!

Thank you to Kevin Redrico (KR) for taking the time to answer a few questions for us AcaFans!

AcaFanBase: Who are SanFran6, and how did the group get started?

KR: SanFran6 is a vocal band based in the Bay Area/San Francisco, CA. We started singing together in September 2014, coincidentally when The Sing-Off auditions were posted. I recruited them from seeing them or competing with their various a cappella or singing groups in the past. It’s kind of the same formula as how The Backbeats started in Season 2 and Delilah in Season 3, except nobody has been on the show before. We decided to take the chance and audition even though we were completely new, and we were able to put 3 videos together on our second day of rehearsing as a complete group. It was tough! Soon enough, to our complete surprise, we got the call that we made it on the show!

AcaFanBase:  Introduce yourselves and let us know how you each got started in music.  What are each of you doing now?

KR: I’m Kevin Redrico, and I’m the group leader, a current student at San Jose State University. I’ve been playing piano since I was 3 ever since my dad influenced my ears in music. He has been a musician all his life and it rubbed off on me whenever he would practice his bass in his garage. Since then, I’ve been playing piano for years and developed arranging skills for both piano and voice. I grew a passion for pop music through making piano covers on YouTube. After being in multiple choirs and starting various small groups, I was able to discover my abilities in a cappella arranging and utilize them for a group of amazing vocalists.

Cherilyn Acorda is a graduate of UC Berkeley and a full-time chemist at a laboratory. She was involved with The Golden Overtones during her college years and later became a lead vocalist for a Bay Area band known as The Delivery.

Jess Walsh is a graduate of UC Davis where she was active in musical theatre, landing the lead female role for their production of Spring Awakening. She was also a part of the UC Davis a cappella group, The Liquid Hotplates, who have competed in ICCAs throughout several years.

Jaron Liclican is a graduate of UC Berkeley. He was a part of the UC Men’s Octet, along with another men’s group, Elevate, who auditioned for X-Factor a few years ago. He has a background of musical theatre and solo-singing, and was also seen on the auditions for The Voice of the Philippines.

Danny Cavero is a graduate from UC Santa Cruz and was a beatboxer for the a cappella group, Acquire, as seen at the ICCAs. He is a competitive beatboxer and has competed in national competitions for years, most notably winning 1st prize at San Francisco’s Asian-American talent showcase known as Kollaboration SF 5.

Del Lazaro is a member of the Bay Area R&B group known as Legaci. They’ve toured with Justin Bieber as back-up vocalists and have sung all over the world, even at The White House in front of President Obama. His group was also featured on America’s Got Talent as well as X-Factor.


AcaFanBase: Who would you say is your current fanbase for SanFran6?

KR: Our current fanbase is our family & friends. We’re very new, so we haven’t had a chance to show everyone what we’re about. Hopefully that changes when The Sing-Off  airs!

AcaFanBase: How do you select your songs? Who does the arranging?

KR: We select our songs based on what is popular and mainstream, and based on the skills of each singer. We make sure we can handle the song before we choose to sing it. Each member has an element of creative control in each song whether it’s a bass line, a run, or a beatbox solo, but the arranging on sheet music is done by me (Kevin). We continue to explore new ways of arranging to include everyone’s ideas.

Here is our most recent video:

AcaFanBase: What did it feel like when you found out SanFran6 had been cast inThe Sing-Off this year?

KR: It was surreal to be cast on The Sing-Off. We were stunned and speechless, and didn’t know what to expect. It didn’t hit us until we started rehearsing in Hollywood! We have all been striving for a big break in music, so making it on the show was definitely a dream come true.

AcaFanBase: What would you like to say to all of the AcaFans out there?

KR: To all the AcaFans out there – We’re so excited to start our new journey, and we’d like for you to be a part of it – so stay tuned and follow us on social media! We have a lot of ideas and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Thanks again to Kevin for giving us some background info on his group! Here’s the contact info in case you missed it in our Sing-Off Season 5 intro post.

Members: Cherilyn AcordaDanny CaveroDel Lazaro (Bass), Jaron LiclicanKevin Redrico, Jess Walsh
Twitter: @sf6official

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs IN 2 DAYS, Wednesday, December 17, 9/8c on NBC.



Meet “The Sing-Off” Season 5’s Vanderbilt Melodores!

Hey, AcaFans! With just THREE days to go till The Sing-Offwe are back with another Season 5 competitor interview just for you.

L to R: Dan McNeil, Austin Lyons, Augie Phillips, Jonathan Amaro-Barron, Ted Moock, William Woodard, Nikhil Ramaprasad, Hollis Cuffie, James McHugh, Cameron David, Jamal Marcelin, Justin Riele.

 Allow us to introduce… The Melodores!

Many thanks to Justin Riele (JR) for taking the time to answer our questions on behalf of the group!

AcaFanBase: Who are The Melodores, and how did the group get started?

JR: The Melodores are an all-male, collegiate a cappella group from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. We were founded in 2009 by a group of guys who strived to create the best collegiate a cappella group in the world.

AcaFanBase:  Introduce yourselves and let us know how you each got started in music.  What are each of you doing now?

JR: We all come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Some of us have classical experience, while some members had never been in any sort of performance group or taken voice lessons before joining the Melodores.

We do not currently have any voice majors in our group. Right now we are all pursuing respective careers- some guys are pursuing medical school, law school, business careers, or professional music careers. We are all involved in several different organizations and activities.

In order of the photo (L to R) above:

Dan McNeil: Tiny with a powerful voice; attending medical school next year
Austin Lyons: Southern charm
Augie PhillipsPresident, father of the group
Jonathan Amaro-Barron: The only freshman in the group, friends with Avi Kaplan [Editor’s note: Aren’t we all?], magician
Ted Moock: Mr. Treblemaker in Pitch Perfect 2
William Woodard: Cute as kittens, pianist
Nikhil RamaprasadHails from New Delhi, an Indian beatboxer
Hollis Cuffie: Southern preppy – Mr. Vineyard Vines
James McHugh: Pretty chill guy and the group’s Musical Director
Cameron David: LA dude and Abercrombie model
Jamal Marcelin: Brooklyn soul singer
Justin Riele: Frat star and water polo player.

AcaFanBase: Who would you say is your current fanbase for The Melodores?

JR: Vanderbilt University is our primary fan base. We love the support from all of our fellow classmates and students at Vandy. Our moms love us, too! All of America is next! 😉

AcaFanBase: How do you select your songs? Who does the arranging?

JR: We select our songs through a democratic group vote via email thread- this is how we conduct our most serious matters as a group. All of the arrangements we perform are done by our current group members.

And on that note, here is our newest video!

AcaFanBase: What did it feel like when you found out The Melodores had been cast in The Sing-Off this year?

JR: Funny story actually! We were on our fall tour to Boston sometime in October, and just as we were running out of a gig from Boston University on a Friday night, rushing over to our next gig at Northeastern, our group President Augie stepped away for a minute to take a phone call. When he came back, we were all waiting for taxis on the streets of downtown Boston when he just said, “We are going to be on The Sing Off.” At first we didn’t believe him, but soon we were sprinting and screaming up and down the streets of Boston! I will never forget that next performance at Northeastern- that adrenaline rush from hearing the news that we had made the show didn’t leave me for days.

AcaFanBase: What would you like to say to all of the AcaFans out there?

JR: We would like to say a huge THANK YOU! Thank you for your support, and please reach out to us. We always love to chat, talk, listen to you, or give any advice we can. We love having the support of our fans and we are always looking to meet new people in this amazing aca-community.

Thanks again to Justin for giving us some background info on his group! Here’s the contact info in case you missed it in our Sing-Off Season 5 intro post.

Members:  Jonathan Amaro-Barron, Hollis Cuffie, Cameron David, Austin Lyons, Jamal Marcelin, James McHugh, Dan McNeil, Ted Moock, Augie Phillips, Nikhil Ramaprasad, Justin Riele, William Woodard 

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs this Wednesday, December 17 on NBC.


Meet “The Sing-Off” Season 5’s a.squared!

Hey, AcaFans! We are counting down to The Sing-Off in 5 days <insert SQUEE>, so we are ever so excited to bring you this interview with one of the six groups.

asquared MYLV Still 1
L to R: Jackson Thea, DJ Stanfill, Nimal Eames-Scott, Paul Holmes, Jacob Reske

 Allow us to introduce: a.squared!

A big thanks for Jacob Reske (JR) and DJ Stanfill (DS) for taking the time to answer our questions!

AcaFanBase:  Who are a.squared, and how did the group get started?

JR: Hey guys! We’re a.squared, and we’re a 5-person vocal group that remixes the voice live. I’m Jacob Reske, and I write the music and do production for the group.

DS: I’m Daniel Francis Stanfill V, known as DJ. I sing baritone, write, and work with Jacob on production.

JR: a.squared started as a kind of concept that I had been kicking around for a few years. I produced a couple of a cappella albums in college and realized that the world of a cappella recording has gotten very exciting in the past few years. Producers and groups are going into the studio with some new and creative ideas, borrowing things from the pop/electronic scene and starting to use effects and layering openly. I think that a cappella performance and production is starting to split into to very divergent art forms, which is exciting. They’re both cut from the same cloth, but they have different goals.

So as I was doing these albums, I kept asking the question: how much of this production you could do live, and what that would mean if you made that a central concept? The idea was that you could create songs where you know that at any moment you can sample and loop any member of the group (or all of them) at any time, and make music with that knowledge. But we also decided that we wanted to keep some of the big ideas in a cappella: we create all our music with the voice as a base, and all our songs can be performed live. And a lot of the ways we work today are basically the result of us asking that question over and over, and trying to find ways so that we can do everything we possibly want to do live. The technology to do everything we want to do is almost but not quite there, so it takes a lot of work to plan out how we’re going to make all the sounds we want in any song.

So basically this group started with us asking the question, “Is it even possible to make a group that can do all the things we want to live?” And now that we know what is possible, we want to keep exploring what great music you can create with tools like these.

asquared rehearsal computer

AcaFanBase:  Introduce yourselves and let us know how you each got started in music.

DJ: I got started with piano in about first grade, then picked up trombone in 4th grade. Sang choir from middle school until high school. Got really into jazz in my junior year of high school, and that’s when I started to take vocal jazz really seriously. When I hit college I joined an a cappella group– the Duke’s Men of Yale– and started to get into pop and other styles of singing. I still doodle around with the piano and occasionally I pick up the trombone, but at this point I love singing so much I know I’m going to do it for the rest of my life.

JR: We all met at Yale about two years ago, and all the other members (except me) have been heavily involved in the a cappella scene there. I studied music + math primarily. In high school I did a TON of a cappella… my friends and I started a mixed group called Don’t Panic. When we sat down to make an album for that group, that’s when I first opened up Ableton (a program for making electronic music), and that’s what introduced me to producing and mixing and the electronic music scene. So the two things have always been very connected for me. (Nobody ever told me that it was a pretty strange thing to be making an a cappella album in Ableton.)

AcaFanBase:  What are each of you doing now?

DS: Right now I’m music directing the Yale Whiffenpoofs. I’m taking the year off and touring and performing with them, and I’m doing some of my own music on the side. Besides that, I don’t really have time for much else! Next year, I’ll be finishing my senior year.

JR: Right now, I’m working on a few projects that will let me (and anyone who uses it) to do the kind of live vocal manipulation + looping that we’ve always wanted to do. I’m building a few tools in Ableton that will let us do looping and sampling that feels more natural. I want to make it easier to do these things, so that anyone can do it if they want to. Other than that… producing a cappella albums! I’m not a very good singer, but somehow everything in my life is revolving around a cappella in some way or another at the moment. And it’s awesome!

asquared BOSSAcaFanBase: Who would you say is your current fanbase for a.squared?

JR: Mostly our friends and family 🙂 It’s funny, because this time last year we hadn’t performed a single concert yet. It took us about 8 months of rehearsing and perfecting our technique + workflow before we had something that we could show people I probably can count on one hand the number of people who had ever heard us sing anything, this time last year.

DS: We’re so thankful that the a cappella community has been so supportive of us so far. It was really cool meeting so many people at BOSS (Boston Sings A Cappella Festival) and on The Sing-Off who are so involved in the a cappella community… all of them have been extremely encouraging.

AcaFanBase:  How do you select your songs? Who does the arranging?

JR: DJ and I do most of the writing. The best way we’ve found that we work is if I come to him or the group with a beat, and then we flesh out the vocals and harmonies within that structure. If we’re lucky enough to have everyone in the room, sometimes we’ll sit around with a basic blueprint for a while and come up with the parts as a group. We all know each other’s voices really well by now, so dividing things up can be really easy if we’re all sitting in the same room.

DS: After that, everything in the computer has to be configured into the software so that it can be performed live. The software needs to know what kind of effects we use, when to loop things, etc., for us to perform them live. This means that we have to write everything with a computer on hand, and rehearse everything with the whole system, microphones and all. We call this process “teching,” and it can take a few hours for each song. But once it’s set up, it’s definitely worth it, because then everything works!

AcaFanBase:  What did it feel like when you found out a.squared had been cast in The Sing-Off this year?

DS: We were SO excited to hear we’d be doing The Sing-Off. I was a little apprehensive about working out the conflicts that would arise between filming in LA and scheduled Whiffenpoof gigs, but I knew that we had to do whatever it took to participate because it was just SUCH a good opportunity for us, especially given the fact that before The Sing-Offwe had performed only 4 times. We’re a very new group who is doing some kind of out-there things… to have NBC and the music team believe in us and want to show us to the world is a really incredible thing.

AcaFanBase:  What would you like to say to all of the AcaFans out there?

JR: Go play with loop pedals! 😀 Seriously, mess around with this stuff. Mess around with things in a cappella in general. Even if it’s not technology, even if it’s something else. Keep pushing forward and challenging people with your art, but keep making people enjoy the moment and have fun. We’re just starting on this road ourselves, and we’re a part of a

larger conversation people are having about technology and its role in creating and performing. It’s really exciting to be a part of this, and we are so excited to see where other people take things next. And email me if you ever want to talk about software! 😀

DS: Keep pushing the limits. Don’t think that a cappella music or music in general has to follow any guidelines; just follow your tastes and create what you believe is good music. Remember that the best art is the type of art that makes you question what art is in the first place. Open people’s ears, change people’s minds, stir things up and DO your OWN THING.

Thanks again to Jacob and DJ for giving us some background info on their group! Here’s the contact info in case you missed it in our Sing-Off Season 5 intro post.

Members: Nimal Eames-Scott, Paul Homes (Bass), Jacob Reske, DJ Stanfill, Jackson Thea
Twitter: @thisisAsquared

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs on Wednesday, December 17 on NBC.


Introducing “The Sing-Off” Season 5 Competitors

Despite being pretty disappointed that Season 5 of The Sing-Off is a single, 2-hour special, we are super excited for the groups that made it in!

For those of you who don’t know, The Sing-Off is a reality show competition for a cappella singing groups. Probably its most famous winners to-date are Pentatonix from Season 3 in 2011, but last year’s Season 4 winners Home Free seem to be holding their own with their a cappella and country fans. Whatever gets a cappella out to the masses, it’s all good to us.

With the format change comes a change in the judging line-up (Twitter links included).  Shawn Stockman and Jewel return, but our favorite, nerdtastic  Ben Folds, will be replaced with Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump.

As always, we are happy to share our compilation of group information and contacts so you can get to know the groups in advance.

The Sing-Off Season 5 Competitors

If you don’t want to individually follow all the Twitter accounts, you can just subscribe to our AcaSingOff Season 5 Twitter list that does it for you.

Please keep in mind that errors in this post are entirely our own doing, and we are more than happy to make corrections, changes, or additions if you notify us!

And with that, here we go (in alphabetical order)….

A cappella + electronic music? We’re totally in! This will be new for strictly Sing-Off fans, so keep an open mind for looping and effects, still all made with only the human voice.

Members: Nimal Eames-Scott, Paul Homes (Bass), Jacob Reske, DJ Stanfill, Jackson Thea
Twitter: @thisisAsquared

Watch them do their stuff live here:

Seems like there is always one group on The Sing-Off with alums from a previous season, and this one is it.  You’ll recognize Jamal and Aaron from the University of Rochester Yellowjackets (Season 3) and Richard from Urban Method (Season 3), plus Chris worked as a TSO vocal producer, and Fredo recorded studio tracks for TSO theme music.

Members: Alfredo AustinChristopher Diaz (Bass), Jamal Moore, Aaron Sperber, Richard Steighner (VP)
Twitter: @exchangevocal

The Exchange have a couple of albums, bunches of  videos, and they tour extensively, often overseas, with a very loyal following. Here is the video for their original song “Kerosene,” which really shows off their individual personalities.

3. MELODORES (Vanderbilt University)
All-male, collegiate a cappella – it wasn’t a matter of if, but who. And this year we’re not disappointed because we already stalk follow the Melodores.

Members:  Jonathan Amaro-Barron, Hollis Cuffie, Cameron David, Austin Lyons, Jamal Marcelin, James McHugh, Dan McNeil, Ted Moock, Augie Phillips, Nikhil Ramaprasad, Justin Riele, William Woodard 

And here are the Melodores with “Talk Dirty” (opb Jason Derulo):

In case it wasn’t obvious, these folks hail from the great San Francisco (“The City,” as they say).

Members: Cherilyn Acorda, Danny Cavero, Del Lazaro (Bass), Jaron Liclican, Kevin Redrico, Jess Walsh
Twitter: @sf6official

Newly posted vocal trailer right here:

We are personally just meeting the women of Timothy’s Gift, but what a meaningful mission they have – bringing #HOPE to prisons.

Members:  Brianne Angarole, Emily Angarole, Melissa Greene (Hope Curator and Leader of TG), Abby Lane Hinton, Anna Register, Lauren Wedertz
Twitter: @timothysgift

For a video that explains the Timothy’s Gift Hope Tour, click here.

Having seen these ladies perform live prior to the taping of this special, we say WHOA the LADYBASS. Full sound with a delicious gospel  vibe, this is good stuff.

Members:  Keesha Gumbs, Tamika Gumbs, Gbianka Kotee, Selame Scarlett, Cindy Valerus
Twitter: @traces5

Just go ahead and go straight to download their single “Mas Que Nada” on iTunes or Loudr right now. Here they are singing it live at Sing Strong Chicago 2013 (h/t our own Tara Marie Ahn for the video):

And there you have it. This season’s six competing groups.

Now that you’ve met the players, who will YOU be cheering for this season? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter or our Facebook page.

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs on Wednesday, December 17 on NBC.



AcaFanBase & Popappella: A #SpideyBoys Interview

A Joint Interview by AcaFanBase and Popappella

Hello, fellow acafans!  We’ve been away from the blog for awhile, but we’re back with something very exciting…

If you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed us stalking our new obsession with some Broadway boys singing a cappella: #SpideyBoys!

UPDATE: The Spidey Boys have changed their name to Apollo Link! Same guys, new name!

#SpideyBoys are (L to R): Brandon Rubendall, Adam Roberts, and Jake Odmark

We, along with our good friend and fellow a cappella blogger, Popappella, were able to catch up with the very busy #SpideyBoys to get some of our burning questions answered.  Enjoy!

AFB & POP: Who are the #SpideyBoys, and how did the group get started?

#SpideyBoys: The #SpideyBoys are Brandon Rubendall, Adam Roberts, and Jake Odmark. They met as castmates in Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark on Broadway in 2012. Brandon and Adam were aerialists and played The Lizard and Carnage, respectively, while Jake played Flash and was the cover for Peter Parker. (Fun note: All three of us wore the Spidey suit at one time or another!) We sang for the first time during the Christmas season in 2012. We sang Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas just for fun – learning our parts during intermissions.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, arranged by Jake Odmark

AFB & POP: Introduce yourselves and let us know how you got started in music.  


Jake Odmark as Spider-Man!Jake Odmark (@jakeodmark on Twitter and Instagram) went to college as a trumpet major originally, eventually switching to voice/music theater which earned him a degree in voice. He also plays piano. His parents are both instrumentalists, along with his three siblings (two sisters and a twin brother) who are all still working in the music industry. Music has always been part of his soul and to have an outlet like the #SpideyBoys to not only sing with but arrange for is a dream come true!

Brandon Rubendall as Spider-Man!

Brandon Rubendall (@Brubendall on Twitter and Instagram) grew up as a dancer and a musical theater nerd. Skipping college after high school, he decided to put himself out there and attempt to make it on his own. Without any real professional training, shortly after graduation he was able to break into the theater scene regionally. It was doing shows across the country where he was able to get real life training to prepare him for what was to come. After his Broadway debut in the Original Cast of Spider-Man, Brandon went on to dance behind artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna to name a few. It wasn’t until after his second Broadway show closed that he realized singing was just as much of a passion as dancing.

Adam Roberts as Spiderman!Adam Roberts (@adamant9 on Twitter and Instagram) was born into a musical family, his father a singer/guitarist and grandfather in the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, so it was inevitable that he’d follow suit and pursue his dream of performing onstage for the masses. He began working professionally at age 10 and went on to further his education, receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre from Coastal Carolina University.


AFB & POP: What are each of you doing now?

#SpideyBoys: Jake Odmark is performing as Harry in the Broadway company of KINKY BOOTS!

Brandon Rubendall has recently returned to his regional roots playing Al in A Chorus Line at Weston Playhouse.

Adam Roberts can currently be seen as one of the Players in Pippin on Broadway and harmonizing with the #SpideyBoys in his spare time.

AFB & POP: Who would you say is your current fanbase for the #SpideyBoys?

#SpideyBoys: Our fan base is anyone that loves music! We have a lot of Broadway fans because that’s, of course, where we first started. However, we have a lot of a cappella fans as well! Through the wonders of social media, we strive to expand our fan base every day.

AFB & POP: Did you anticipate this much attention?

#SpideyBoys: Of course not! The first song/video we did was for our own entertainment, and that’s it! Adam and Brandon knew Jake arranged music in his spare time, so they asked him if they could sing something, purely for fun. When it all came together, we knew we had something special, for sure, but there was no way we could have anticipated this much attention. Our first video (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) was shared over 500 times on Facebook… in less than a week!

Latch (opb Disclosure ft. Sam Smith), arranged by Jake Odmark

AFB & POP: How do you select your songs?

#SpideyBoys: Since we are all working in different shows now, we are rarely all in the same place. So, we have a text thread going almost all the time and if there is a hot new song that one of us likes, we’ll send it in the text thread to the others to see what they think. When we all agree on one, that usually means it’ll be our next.

Jake does all the arranging. He has been arranging choral and a cappella music for about nine years now and definitely has a passion for it!

AFB & POP:   Are you keeping the name #SpideyBoys, even though the show has closed?

#SpideyBoys: You know, at first we all agreed that this name was accidental and that we were going to change it at some point. But now? We’re not so sure. We are starting to like the name! It represents where we met, it’s different and definitely won’t be confused with other bands or groups, and it’s got kind of a cool ring to it, don’t you think? The #SpideyBoys might be staying! (We did add a hashtag – it’s very important to note that!)

AFB & POP: Can we expect recordings soon?

#SpideyBoys: Absolutely! Brandon is away for a few more weeks, but when we get back in late August… be on the look out! Do you have any requests?

AFB & POP: Do you have any exclusives for AcaFanBase and Popappella?

#SpideyBoys: You know, we have a pretty killer version of the Star Spangled Banner that we learned way back when. We could probably give AcaFanBase and Popappella a little snippet of that when Brandon gets back! We’ll tweet you!

Chandelier (opb Sia), arranged by Jake Odmark

Well, acafans, what do you think? Will you join us in our stalking obsession with the #SpideyBoys? Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @jakeodmark, @brubendall and @adamant9!

Big news! #SpideyBoys will be performing LIVE for the first time at BroadwaySpotted’s 5th Anniversary Party on August 30th. Buy tickets here!

Also, be sure to follow the blog of our friend and partner in this interview, Popappella, and also like Popappella on Facebook and follow @Popappella on Twitter.


Sing Off Tour Schedule with Special Guests

Hey, fellow acafans! Sing Off Tour starts tonight! Who’s going?

Sing Off Tour

We’ve compiled a list of all the special guests we have been able to confirm for each of the dates.  We’ll be updating as we get more info, or let us know what we missed.  See you out on the Tour!

Date Venue Location Special Guests Tickets
Feb 19 Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY UR Yellowjackets Tickets
Feb 20 The Wilbur Theatre Boston, MA Tufts Beelzebubs Tickets
North Shore VIP
Feb 20 The Wilbur Theatre Boston, MA Tufts Beelzebubs Tickets
North Shore VIP
Feb 21 Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ Element Sold   Out
Princeton Footnotes VIP
Feb 21 Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ Element Tickets
Princeton Footnotes VIP
Feb 22 American Music Theatre Lancaster, PA Princeton Footnotes Tickets
Feb 23 NYCB Theater at Westbury Westbury, NY Element Tickets
Princeton Footnotes VIP
Feb 25 Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood, NJ Tickets
Feb 26 GE Theatre at Proctors Schenectady, NY Tickets
Feb 27 Sands Bethlehem Events Center Bethlehem, PA Tickets
Feb 28 Bryce Jordan Center University Park, PA Maxx Factor Tickets
Savoir Faire VIP
Mar 1 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA UD Deltones Tickets
Savoir Faire VIP
Mar 2 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore, MD Maxx Factor Tickets
Mar 4 Fillmore Charlotte Charlotte, NC Tickets
Mar 5 The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD Traces of Blue Tickets
Mar 6 Memorial Auditorium Raleigh, NC Tickets
Mar 7 Golden Nugget Atlantic City, NJ Tickets
Mar 8 Wolf Den Uncasville, CT Tickets
Mar 9 UB Center For The Arts Amherst, NY Tickets
Mar 11 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH acoUstiKats Tickets
Street Corner Symphony VIP
Mar 12 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN Street Corner Symphony Tickets
Mar 13 Murat Theater Indianapolis, IN Street Corner Symphony Tickets
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Mar 20 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI Fannin Family Tickets
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AcaFanBase #LACF2014 @SwingleSingers Sweepstakes

We are in London!!!

At London A Cappella Festival, that is. We’ll be blogging our way through all things a cappella we encounter: House Jacks, SLIXS, The Songmen, The Real Group, and of course the host group Swingle Singers! In honor (honour) of our first official international festival, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Swingle Singers, we’re giving away the Swingle Singers “Weather to Fly” CD autographed by all seven current members!

This contest runs now through 11:59 PM EST on January 26, 2014. is open to anyone 18 years and older who lives in the US, Canada, or the UK!  Enter here:

Stay tuned for blogs from the festival!