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Hey, Washington DC-area Acafans! Are you up for a night of awesome music PLUS doing good for the community?


Come to Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) this Thursday, January 14 for TOTAL VOCAL featuring Pitches Be Crazy, Word Of Mouth, and Handsome Reward. The Pitches are turning this fun-filled show into a benefit concert to help support the Jackson/Kinney families.

You can be entered into a drawing to win two (2) FREE tickets to this event. See details below!

Pitches Be Crazy is an all vocal cover band rockin’ some of the biggest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Edgy and raw in their arrangements and presentation, they add those juicy harmonies, bone rattling percussion, and subharmonic bass, making PBC very unique across the a cappella landscape.

Word of Mouth, a post-collegiate group, were the winners of DC’s first “Aca-Challenge” a cappella competition, They are a mixed all-vocal band with a serious passion for contemporary a cappella and a Peter Pan complex.

Handsome Reward is a four man barbershop group who are a spin-off of the large chorus out of Gaithersburg, MD known as Harmony Express.  They also have members who are part of the famed Alexandria Harmonizers.

Handsome Reward Barbershop Quartet

Greg Kenney is an 18 year old young man who was once very active in the local community theater scene as an actor, singer, and dancer. He has a list of credits that rival many adults. An active member of his church and community, Greg has dedicated countless hours to his faith and has even spent time on a personal mission to support the church.

An avid runner, Greg (or GJ as he is also known by), was running the Rock N Roll Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA in September. Close to the finish line, he collapsed with cardiac arrest. Fortunately, another runner behind him was a nurse and provided aid immediately.

With college and a bright future ahead of him since he finished high school, he is now in intensive therapy to regain basic motor skills and learn to communicate again. He is battling to learn how to even stand on his own. Everyone who knows him knows he will hustle every day to beat the odds and get back to being in the hustle of life. His family has set up a gofundme link to provide updates and assist with medical bills.  https://www.facebook.com/actorinprogress/?fref=ts

Half of the profits from this benefit will go to Greg’s medical fund.

Jivon Jackson was named as one of the Top 40 Under 40 for supporting the development of their communities. He is well known throughout the DC, MD, and VA performance arts communities.  A producer, director, writer, actor, singer, dancer, and mentor for youth, Jivon has been a force in the Southern Maryland and DC areas and has screen credits as an actor on cable television.  Last year, Jivon was in accident where he sustained severe head and brain injuries.

Half of the profits from our benefit will go towards an arts program that he chooses that will help to continue to promote performing arts in the community.

These are great causes for AcaFans to support, so please check them each out, and give if you feel so led.

To enter to win two FREE tickets to this event, please click on the link below, and enter via our Rafflecopter sweepstakes form. Entries close Thursday, January 14, 12:00 am EST.

Win 2 FREE tickets to TOTAL VOCAL at JAMMIN JAVA (Vienna, VA) 1/14/16

Winner must be able to attend the show at Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA. Winner will be notified via Facebook Message, Twitter Direct Message, and/or email as soon as the giveaway ends.

Even if you don’t win, you should still go. You need more a cappella in your life.



AcaFanBase & Popappella: A #SpideyBoys Interview

A Joint Interview by AcaFanBase and Popappella

Hello, fellow acafans!  We’ve been away from the blog for awhile, but we’re back with something very exciting…

If you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed us stalking our new obsession with some Broadway boys singing a cappella: #SpideyBoys!

UPDATE: The Spidey Boys have changed their name to Apollo Link! Same guys, new name!

#SpideyBoys are (L to R): Brandon Rubendall, Adam Roberts, and Jake Odmark

We, along with our good friend and fellow a cappella blogger, Popappella, were able to catch up with the very busy #SpideyBoys to get some of our burning questions answered.  Enjoy!

AFB & POP: Who are the #SpideyBoys, and how did the group get started?

#SpideyBoys: The #SpideyBoys are Brandon Rubendall, Adam Roberts, and Jake Odmark. They met as castmates in Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark on Broadway in 2012. Brandon and Adam were aerialists and played The Lizard and Carnage, respectively, while Jake played Flash and was the cover for Peter Parker. (Fun note: All three of us wore the Spidey suit at one time or another!) We sang for the first time during the Christmas season in 2012. We sang Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas just for fun – learning our parts during intermissions.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, arranged by Jake Odmark

AFB & POP: Introduce yourselves and let us know how you got started in music.  


Jake Odmark as Spider-Man!Jake Odmark (@jakeodmark on Twitter and Instagram) went to college as a trumpet major originally, eventually switching to voice/music theater which earned him a degree in voice. He also plays piano. His parents are both instrumentalists, along with his three siblings (two sisters and a twin brother) who are all still working in the music industry. Music has always been part of his soul and to have an outlet like the #SpideyBoys to not only sing with but arrange for is a dream come true!

Brandon Rubendall as Spider-Man!

Brandon Rubendall (@Brubendall on Twitter and Instagram) grew up as a dancer and a musical theater nerd. Skipping college after high school, he decided to put himself out there and attempt to make it on his own. Without any real professional training, shortly after graduation he was able to break into the theater scene regionally. It was doing shows across the country where he was able to get real life training to prepare him for what was to come. After his Broadway debut in the Original Cast of Spider-Man, Brandon went on to dance behind artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna to name a few. It wasn’t until after his second Broadway show closed that he realized singing was just as much of a passion as dancing.

Adam Roberts as Spiderman!Adam Roberts (@adamant9 on Twitter and Instagram) was born into a musical family, his father a singer/guitarist and grandfather in the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, so it was inevitable that he’d follow suit and pursue his dream of performing onstage for the masses. He began working professionally at age 10 and went on to further his education, receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre from Coastal Carolina University.


AFB & POP: What are each of you doing now?

#SpideyBoys: Jake Odmark is performing as Harry in the Broadway company of KINKY BOOTS!

Brandon Rubendall has recently returned to his regional roots playing Al in A Chorus Line at Weston Playhouse.

Adam Roberts can currently be seen as one of the Players in Pippin on Broadway and harmonizing with the #SpideyBoys in his spare time.

AFB & POP: Who would you say is your current fanbase for the #SpideyBoys?

#SpideyBoys: Our fan base is anyone that loves music! We have a lot of Broadway fans because that’s, of course, where we first started. However, we have a lot of a cappella fans as well! Through the wonders of social media, we strive to expand our fan base every day.

AFB & POP: Did you anticipate this much attention?

#SpideyBoys: Of course not! The first song/video we did was for our own entertainment, and that’s it! Adam and Brandon knew Jake arranged music in his spare time, so they asked him if they could sing something, purely for fun. When it all came together, we knew we had something special, for sure, but there was no way we could have anticipated this much attention. Our first video (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) was shared over 500 times on Facebook… in less than a week!

Latch (opb Disclosure ft. Sam Smith), arranged by Jake Odmark

AFB & POP: How do you select your songs?

#SpideyBoys: Since we are all working in different shows now, we are rarely all in the same place. So, we have a text thread going almost all the time and if there is a hot new song that one of us likes, we’ll send it in the text thread to the others to see what they think. When we all agree on one, that usually means it’ll be our next.

Jake does all the arranging. He has been arranging choral and a cappella music for about nine years now and definitely has a passion for it!

AFB & POP:   Are you keeping the name #SpideyBoys, even though the show has closed?

#SpideyBoys: You know, at first we all agreed that this name was accidental and that we were going to change it at some point. But now? We’re not so sure. We are starting to like the name! It represents where we met, it’s different and definitely won’t be confused with other bands or groups, and it’s got kind of a cool ring to it, don’t you think? The #SpideyBoys might be staying! (We did add a hashtag – it’s very important to note that!)

AFB & POP: Can we expect recordings soon?

#SpideyBoys: Absolutely! Brandon is away for a few more weeks, but when we get back in late August… be on the look out! Do you have any requests?

AFB & POP: Do you have any exclusives for AcaFanBase and Popappella?

#SpideyBoys: You know, we have a pretty killer version of the Star Spangled Banner that we learned way back when. We could probably give AcaFanBase and Popappella a little snippet of that when Brandon gets back! We’ll tweet you!

Chandelier (opb Sia), arranged by Jake Odmark

Well, acafans, what do you think? Will you join us in our stalking obsession with the #SpideyBoys? Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @jakeodmark, @brubendall and @adamant9!

Big news! #SpideyBoys will be performing LIVE for the first time at BroadwaySpotted’s 5th Anniversary Party on August 30th. Buy tickets here!

Also, be sure to follow the blog of our friend and partner in this interview, Popappella, and also like Popappella on Facebook and follow @Popappella on Twitter.



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The #SingOff’s VoicePlay: 5 Guys & 1 Lucky Lady

By VoicePlay™

Our big journey onto the small screen started innocently, and as all journeys do: with the Taylor Swift tune “Trouble.”

No doubt many of you have already seen the video on YouTube or listened to the track on iTunes.  It is indeed a different take on the song, and with the incomparable Rachel Potter on the lead lyric, and we created some momentary musical magic.  Magic enough to catch a road weary Sing-Off Producer’s eye and magic enough to land us a coveted invitation to do a video audition for the 7-episode NBC special, The Sing-Off.

Well, that was all fabulous and amazing and exciting, but herein lies the rub: the fine and wise folks at NBC wanted VoicePlay to be featured on the show as a 6 voice group.

I’ll say it again while you wrap your head around that one. 6 voices: 5 guys, 1 lucky lady.

“Hmmmm…” you say.  “Who was this lucky lady that the producers had their eye on?” And to that I say, “Quit interrupting with your silly questions, I’m getting to it shortly.”

Well, naturally it was Rachel, the darling songstress of Broadway and the apple of many an eye.  So, with a dream in our hearts and a Twinkie in our pockets, we inquired as to where Miss Potter’s affections lay.  Alas, our feelings of warm vocal yumminess were not returned, for her heart belonged to another reality show on a competing network, the X-Factor.  So it was written in the stars that our paths shall not be entwined in a cappella glory, and she strutted off to get a bazillion views on YouTube and thousands of Twitter followers, yada, yada, yada, happily ever after.

“So,” you ask, “What happened to our heroes VoicePlay?” And once again I’ll ask you to let me do the talking and kindly zip the lip!

Ahem.  Back to the story at hand:  VoicePlay, not to be deterred from their visions of Pentatonix-like aca-geek fame and low rating network television wealth, forged ahead into the crucible of reality TV with a new front lady, a valuable friend with a voice like a caged animal — and hair to match — Miss Honey Larochelle.

The audition was filmed.  The link was sent.  The call came in.  The non-disclosures were signed.  The deal was done.  6 weeks later we were in LA… and THAT is where the story REALLY gets good…

THE SING-OFF -- Season: 4 -- Pictured: VoicePlay -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
THE SING-OFF — Season: 4 — Pictured: VoicePlay — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

For the rest of the story (in multiple installments), be sure to follow VoicePlay™ on their website and everywhere else they are available:


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Videos from Our New Twitter Followers

Well, we launched our Twitter account late Thursday, and we’re up to 45 followers. Thanks, everyone!  We’re happy to say that some of those followers are a cappella groups, so we’d like to thank them by posting some of their videos here for you.


One Voice (Briarcrest Christian School, Memphis, TN)
Freebird (opb Lynyrd Skynyrd, arr. by Nick Girard)

Town Criers (Weston High School, Weston, MA)
I’ve Got a Woman/Gold Digger (opb Ray Charles/Kanye West)

But seriously, go find their Disney Medley, too.


No Strings Attached (University of Alabama)

No YouTube videos yet, but click on the link above to go to their Facebook page for teaser videos.

Eight Beat Measure (RIT)
Scream (opb Usher)

Click to purchase

Royal Pitches (University at Buffalo)
Wannabe (opb Spice Girls)

Sedoctaves (University of Florida)
Someone Like You (opb Adele)

Overflow (USC)

See if you recognize the soloist in this one (hint: she’s one of our editors).


Cut Off
Boondocks (opb Little Big Town)

Cowboy Casanova (opb Carrie Underwood)

Be sure to listen to and support these groups.  Let us know if you have any favorites in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by!