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Meet “The Sing-Off” Season 5’s The Exchange!

Hey, AcaFans! That’s right, we are here to keep your aca-fix going until The Sing-Off airs, so here is another competitor interview!

L to R: Alfredo Austin, Aaron Sperber, Christopher Diaz, Richard Steighner, Jamal Moore
L to R: Alfredo Austin, Aaron Sperber, Christopher Diaz, Richard Steighner, Jamal Moore

Allow us to introduce… The Exchange!

BIG THANKS to Christopher Diaz (CD) for taking the time to answer a few questions for us AcaFans… from Hong Kong!

AcaFanBase: Who are The Exchange, and how did the group get started?

CD: The Exchange is a five guy vocal band from all over the US. We started out of a desire to do more than just hustle as a band to “make it.”

Aaron and I met on The Sing-Off Season 3 and connected instantly over some beers and philosophical discussion about the connective and transformative power of music. We decided to start a group that would use music to open up the world to us and to others. Aaron was in the YellowJackets with Jamal, and we met Richard while he was with Urban Method, and we all became fast friends. We hit up Fredo to join our squad and The Exchange was born.

AcaFanBase: Introduce yourselves and let us know how you each got started in music.

CD: I’m Christopher Diaz, and I am from Newport News, VA. I didn’t sing formally as a child, I just loved singing along with the radio. In high school I stumbled into choir and musicals, and then a passion formed that sent me to Florida State University, where I graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance and Russian Literature.

Aaron Sperber is from Rochester, NY and started at an early age as a classical musician. He’s an accomplished cellist, pianist, and singer and graduated from the Eastman School of Music with degrees in Vocal Performance and International Relations.

Jamal Moore is from Augusta, GA and grew up singing and playing drums. He also graduated from Eastman with a voice degree and an aspiration to be an opera singer.

Alfredo Austin is from Newark, DE and found his voice at an early age singing in church choir. He went to the University of Delaware where he graduated with a Music Business degree.

Richard Steighner is from Denver, CO and discovered his proclivity for beatboxing while making sounds in grade school to impress girls. He graduated from University of Colorado-Boulder where he studied Psychology and Architecture.


AcaFanBase: What are each of you doing now, as part of or separate from The Exchange ?

CD: The Exchange is our full-time job/career/passion/life! We spend about 2/3 of the year on tour in the US and abroad, but when we’re home, we all dabble in other things (arranging, songwriting, producing, cooking, web design). In The Exchange, Aaron is our founder, group leader and high tenor. Alfredo is one of our arrangers, lead vocalist and tenor 2. Jamal also arranges and is our baritone and style guru. Richard is our webmaster/designer and beatboxer/bass, and I am our de facto music director and bass. I also organize most of our educational programs.

AcaFanBase: Who would you say is your current fanbase for The Exchange?

CD: Our fan base is as diverse as we are, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our first fans were fans of our individual pursuits- Aaron and Jamal brought lovers of the YellowJackets , Richard brought Urban Method fans (and fans from several of the other groups he’s performed with) and Fredo did the same with his fans from Overboard and Hyannis Sound. Now, however, we have fans from all over the world.

We spend a great deal of time in Asia, Australia and Europe, so we have a broad base of new fans in those places. Hong Kong is a favorite spot of ours, and a place where we find a great deal of support, though we have also had a blast singing for the audiences in Taiwan and Singapore. This spring, we toured Europe as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys, so we got the chance to sing for thousands of people all across the continent, which was an incredible experience. We spend a lot of time in Germany performing, so many of our most loyal fans are there.

AcaFanBase: How do you select your songs? Who does the arranging?

CD: I’d like to say this this is an intense and developed process…but it isn’t. We just sing songs that we like, that we can’t stop humming, that we heard and thought someone would sound great on. Someone likes it and arranges it (or asks someone else to arrange it), we give it a sing, and if it works, we perform it. In general, Fredo, Jamal and I do the most arranging, but all 5 of us have arranged songs for the group and still do when something speaks to us.

AcaFanBase: What did it feel like when you found out The Exchange had been cast in The Sing-Off this year?

CD: Needless to say, it was really exciting to hear that we were going to get to perform on The Sing-OffI have followed, promoted, and (as of Season 3) even worked for the show, so I know what an amazing venue it can be to have your music seen and heard. We do most of our performing and touring out of the country, and while it is our dream to see the world and exchange cultures and ideas through music, our families haven’t even ever seen us perform!

We are, and were, so thrilled to share our music and passion and love with a broader American audience, and I know for one that my grandmother is absolutely freaking out- she is so excited to finally see what it is that I do that keeps me away from home for so much of the year!

AcaFanBase: What would you like to say to all of the AcaFans out there?

CD: We feel really honored to get to show America what The Exchange is all about, but because of the nature of television, it’s a very condensed version of what we’re about. We perform often, and definitely have some boy-band qualities, but we also believe strongly that music *is* the universal language, and to that end, our mission is much bigger than just singing.

In almost every place we go, we concern ourselves not only with putting on a show, but also with engaging communities through service projects and musical outreach, inspiring young people to persevere in school and arts education through workshops and classes, and we have even pushed ourselves beyond singing only a cappella, including original music and music with instruments in our concerts.

At our core, though, The Exchange is about exploring and promoting and sharing the power that music has to connect us all, across cultures, languages and oceans. And to us, there is no better instrument, apparatus, or gift more able to highlight and enhance our sameness- and uniqueness- than the human voice.


Thanks again to Chris for giving us some background info on his group! Here’s the contact info in case you missed it in our Sing-Off Season 5 intro post.

Members: Alfredo AustinChristopher Diaz (Bass), Jamal Moore, Aaron Sperber, Richard Steighner (VP)
Website: www.exchangevocal.com
Twitter: @exchangevocal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/exchangevocal
YouTube: www.youtube.com/exchangevocal
Instagram: www.instagram.com/exchangevocal

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs IN 2 DAYS, Wednesday, December 17, 9/8c on NBC.



Meet “The Sing-Off” Season 5’s Vanderbilt Melodores!

Hey, AcaFans! With just THREE days to go till The Sing-Offwe are back with another Season 5 competitor interview just for you.

L to R: Dan McNeil, Austin Lyons, Augie Phillips, Jonathan Amaro-Barron, Ted Moock, William Woodard, Nikhil Ramaprasad, Hollis Cuffie, James McHugh, Cameron David, Jamal Marcelin, Justin Riele.

 Allow us to introduce… The Melodores!

Many thanks to Justin Riele (JR) for taking the time to answer our questions on behalf of the group!

AcaFanBase: Who are The Melodores, and how did the group get started?

JR: The Melodores are an all-male, collegiate a cappella group from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. We were founded in 2009 by a group of guys who strived to create the best collegiate a cappella group in the world.

AcaFanBase:  Introduce yourselves and let us know how you each got started in music.  What are each of you doing now?

JR: We all come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Some of us have classical experience, while some members had never been in any sort of performance group or taken voice lessons before joining the Melodores.

We do not currently have any voice majors in our group. Right now we are all pursuing respective careers- some guys are pursuing medical school, law school, business careers, or professional music careers. We are all involved in several different organizations and activities.

In order of the photo (L to R) above:

Dan McNeil: Tiny with a powerful voice; attending medical school next year
Austin Lyons: Southern charm
Augie PhillipsPresident, father of the group
Jonathan Amaro-Barron: The only freshman in the group, friends with Avi Kaplan [Editor’s note: Aren’t we all?], magician
Ted Moock: Mr. Treblemaker in Pitch Perfect 2
William Woodard: Cute as kittens, pianist
Nikhil RamaprasadHails from New Delhi, an Indian beatboxer
Hollis Cuffie: Southern preppy – Mr. Vineyard Vines
James McHugh: Pretty chill guy and the group’s Musical Director
Cameron David: LA dude and Abercrombie model
Jamal Marcelin: Brooklyn soul singer
Justin Riele: Frat star and water polo player.

AcaFanBase: Who would you say is your current fanbase for The Melodores?

JR: Vanderbilt University is our primary fan base. We love the support from all of our fellow classmates and students at Vandy. Our moms love us, too! All of America is next! 😉

AcaFanBase: How do you select your songs? Who does the arranging?

JR: We select our songs through a democratic group vote via email thread- this is how we conduct our most serious matters as a group. All of the arrangements we perform are done by our current group members.

And on that note, here is our newest video!

AcaFanBase: What did it feel like when you found out The Melodores had been cast in The Sing-Off this year?

JR: Funny story actually! We were on our fall tour to Boston sometime in October, and just as we were running out of a gig from Boston University on a Friday night, rushing over to our next gig at Northeastern, our group President Augie stepped away for a minute to take a phone call. When he came back, we were all waiting for taxis on the streets of downtown Boston when he just said, “We are going to be on The Sing Off.” At first we didn’t believe him, but soon we were sprinting and screaming up and down the streets of Boston! I will never forget that next performance at Northeastern- that adrenaline rush from hearing the news that we had made the show didn’t leave me for days.

AcaFanBase: What would you like to say to all of the AcaFans out there?

JR: We would like to say a huge THANK YOU! Thank you for your support, and please reach out to us. We always love to chat, talk, listen to you, or give any advice we can. We love having the support of our fans and we are always looking to meet new people in this amazing aca-community.

Thanks again to Justin for giving us some background info on his group! Here’s the contact info in case you missed it in our Sing-Off Season 5 intro post.

Members:  Jonathan Amaro-Barron, Hollis Cuffie, Cameron David, Austin Lyons, Jamal Marcelin, James McHugh, Dan McNeil, Ted Moock, Augie Phillips, Nikhil Ramaprasad, Justin Riele, William Woodard 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vanderbiltmelodores
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/VanderbiltMelodores
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vanderbiltmelodores

Remember, the hashtag is #SingOff with no “the” in front. Get it trending when The Sing-Off: Season 5 airs this Wednesday, December 17 on NBC.